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Attention to all PVD or DLC lovers! Made from straight weaved nylon with solid 316L stainless steel buckle and strap loops, you can't be anymore stealthier by wearing these PVD'ed NATO G10 straps! All straps are made with laser welded joints as well as all edges and holes are laser sealed to ensure no fraying and rough edges. What can we say more? It looks THE BEAST when you slap any of these PVD'ed NATO G10 straps onto your favourite PVD'ed watches. Stay stealthy all the way! :D

Our NATO straps come with three different hardware finishing:

POLISHED – Most suitable for watches with polished or satin brushed finishing.
MATTE – Most suitable for watches with matte, sandblasted, beadblasted finishing, especially utilitarian diving watches, military watches or diving computers.
PVD – Most suitable for watches with polished, satin brushed finishing and black PVD, adding a distinctive tactical stealth look.


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